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Shayla x Colourpop Makeup Collection!

Shayla x Colourpop Makeup Collection!

Hello my beauties! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! So Colourpop recently launched their latest collab with Makeupshayla. If you haven’t heard of Shayla before, I highly recommend checking her out. Her reviews are awesome and she is super talented.

Anyway, her collab with Colourpop looked absolutely stunning, so I knew I had to pick up a few pieces. This collection launched on April 27th and includes an eyeshadow palette, three lipsticks, two loose powder highlighters, and one lip gloss.


Honestly, I was originally only to get one of the lipsticks, the eyeshadow palette, and the gloss, but, when the collection launched they were doing a special bundle price, which was a way better deal. So now, I have the whole collection to share with you guys!

FYI, this entire collection is currently sold out. However, Colourpop has announced a restock date on May 11th at 10 am PST.

Perception Eyeshadow Palette





Probably the biggest feature of the whole collection, the Perception Eyeshadow Palette contains an array of colors that is sure to satisfy your tame and wild sides. It contains 16 different shades with a mix of metallic and matte finishes. The shades are as follows:


  • Unbothered: metallic ivory with a peachy flip
  • TF: metallic true gold
  • Titus: metallic gunmetal
  • Stallion: matte black with blue glitter
  • Spill the Tea: metallic warm taupe
  • Diva: metallic amber
  • I.E.: metallic olive
  • 14: metallic navy
  • Strut ‘n Slay: metallic rosy copper
  • Culture: matte soft brown
  • Sassy: metallic eggplant with a teal flip
  • September: metallic pinky violet
  • Revenge: matte red brown
  • Thic: matte vibrant orange
  • Played Out: matte chocolate brown
  • Shade: deep matte purple with violet glitter
Top Two Rows
Bottom Two Rows

This is also one of the few Colourpop palettes that has a mirror in the palette as well. That accounts for why it is a bit pricier than normal at $23 (which, that’s a great price for an eyeshadow palette!). The shades are creamy, rich, pigmented, and blend like a dream.


This palette is absolutely stunning and I highly recommend you try this out once it restocks!

Creme Lux Lipsticks

The next big part of this collection comes in the three lipstick shades. This is in Colourpop’s Lux Lipstick formula. This is my favorite lipstick formula ever, so I knew they were going to be good! (Check out this post for more details)


The lipstick shades are as follows:

  • Quickie: peachy nude
  • C’Mon Sis: Soft, pinky brown
  • OOUUUU!: warm peach
C’Mon Sis

You can purchase these lipsticks individually for $7 a piece, or with the linked set for $21. Like I mentioned, I purchased the bundle for the whole collection. However, Colourpop did send me two lipsticks in C’Mon Sis, instead of Quickie, so I am waiting on getting the final color!


Out of the colors that I have, these lipsticks are amazing. I love the colors and the formula is spot on once again. They last long on the lips and smell slightly like vanilla. Love them!

Luster Dust Loose Highlighters


If you like a poppin’ highlight, these are for you! They are especially great for those with deeper skin tones. Although I myself am quite fair, I could probably still use them as highlights when I am self tanned. Otherwise, I am just going to use them as eyeshadow.


I personally think it’s great that some products were launched that are targeted for deeper skin tones. Typically you will see products aimed at lighter skin tones, so this is long overdue!


That being said, these loose highlighters are stunning! The pigment is there and the powder blends super well. Plus, the pigment isn’t chunky or glittery. It’s the perfect shimmer highlight!


The shades are as follows:


Each loose highlighter retails for $7 apiece. Otherwise, you can purchase in the bundle.


Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip


If you are looking for a lip product to give you juicy, shimmery lips for this summer, this is the product for you. This glittery product is not sticky on the lips and the glitter does not feel gritty. It’s an amazing formula that is super beautiful!



It looks especially awesome when paired with one of the lux lipsticks from the collection!  The shade, Neat Freak, is a peachy champagne with pink and gold glitter. It really compliments every skin tone and lip color.


Best part, it is only $6 and is a moisturizing formula!

Final Thoughts

Really, I can’t say enough good things about this collection. The quality is there and the price is phenomenal. Like I kept mentioning, I purchased the bundle to get every single item. The bundle costs $59, so it saves you a few bucks if you were to buy everything individually.


The shade range is amazing and it’s so versatile. I also need to bring up how luxe the packaging is on this whole collection. It is super sleek and chic. I love the rose gold splatter details and the soft matte black feeling of the eyeshadow palette. Feels and looks very expensive!

I do want to mention that this post is not sponsored in any way. All thoughts are my own, these products just happen be that good!

Once the restock happens on May 11th, don’t pass this collab up!

Have you tried this collection yet? Do you plan on purchasing? Let me know in the comments!



Featured image is sourced from Colourpop. All other images are my own.