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Another Round of Product Empties and What I Would Repurchase!

Another Round of Product Empties and What I Would Repurchase!

Welcome back my beauties! I have finished up some more products and wanted to share my thoughts. These items are all over the board, from skincare to makeup and even lifestyle.

Some of these products I really did love and will most likely repurchase, while others were just kind of meh. So, if you’re interested reading my thoughts, then stick with it!

Bath & Body Works Coffee Bean Body Scrub

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.51.01 PM.png

This product was part of the recently launched Summer Collection. They came out with a few different scents that all ranged in the level of exfoliation. I went with this product because it had the heaviest exfoliators and contained coffee, which is amazing for blood circulation and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

I really did love this scrub, it wasn’t as rough of a scrub as I prefer, such as when I make my own coffee scrub, but I did really enjoy it nonetheless. This scrub was also nice because it sort of lathered at the end and smelled delicious.

Unfortunately, I can’t find this specific scent at Bath & Body anymore, but they do have other similar kinds still available.

Pacifica Body Butter in Island Vanilla

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.51.36 PM.png

This deliciously fragrant body butter is nourishing and contains anti-aging properties. I wanted to give this body butter a chance as I typically can’t use fragrant items because my eczema flares up. Pacifica products contain more natural ingredients and I think this was a winning combination for me.

The product soaks in quickly, doesn’t leave a film, and moisturizes deeply. It smells so good as well and the scent lasts awhile too. I am looking at trying a few other kinds, so I won’t repurchase yet, but this is a good product!

Physician’s Formula 24k Gold Collagen Serum


This collagen serum is also a newer product. Physician’s Formula released a few new skincare items that immediately drew me in. I have been super interested in collagen serums as of late, because that really is what is going to plump up the skin and slow the anti-aging process. Typically, collagen serums are quite expensive, so this was seriously a bargain.

This serum is fabulous. I really did notice a difference in some fine lines and I even got my mom hooked on it, who also said she saw a difference. This product is a fabulous price, but I won’t be repurchasing right away, as I am getting the Murad Rapid Infusion Collagen Serum in my Fab Fit Fun box soon.

I am going to compare the two and see which is better. I will probably go back to the PF, just as it is about $15 versus the Murad one, which is $84.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 10.17.08 AM

This mascara was all the rage when it was released last summer. Of course I had to pick it up to try it for myself. This mascara is truly one of the best drugstore mascaras around. It separates, lengthens, doesn’t smudge, and lifts the lashes.

It is much more affordable than high-end mascaras, but is at the top-end for drugstore prices. I will definitely repurchase this, just not right away as I have a ton of other mascaras that I need to finish up!

Vega Sport Performance Protein


Probably one of the best, plant-based protein powders on the market. A full scoop contains 30g of protein and is low in sugar and gluten-free. Plant-based doesn’t upset my stomach and it doesn’t ruin my skin like whey protein does.

I love this powder, but it is pretty expensive. I am going to look around for some other similar powders and if I can’t find any I will repurchase. Always purchase from Amazon for the best price!

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish in Macadamia and Rice Milk


I have apparently been all about the body scrubs lately! This is another great scrub that really nourishes the skin. The crushed macadamia nuts are very fine, but provide a decent amount of exfoliation. The rice milk is relay great for soothing irritated skin and providing missing hydration.

I think this is the best, affordable scrub on the market. They have a few scents, and I will definitely come back to this when I run out of my other choices!

Bath & Body Works Almond & Vanilla Olive Oil Scrub


Hands down the best body scrub on this list, I am hardcore obsessed with this scrub. First, it smells just like Pink’s Warm & Cozy, which I used to use on the daily. Second, the olive and almond oil in this scrub feel so great on the skin.

Finally, this gives me the hard scrub that my skin needs. It reduces bumps on the skin, helps control cellulite, moisturizes, and has helped with some stretch marks as well. These are currently on sale for $6 apiece, I will be stocking up because I think they are limited edition!

Evolve Protein Shake


I recently talked about this in my May Hit Its and Quit Its. I have already repurchased this product three times over, it is a must to have in my daily routine. It provides me with the plant-based protein that I need, without upsetting my stomach or containing too much sugar.

Highly recommend for those looking for on-the-go protein shakes!

That completes my product empties! What have you used up recently? Anything you absolutely loved? Let me know in the comments!