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A NEW Drugstore Makeup Line?!

A NEW Drugstore Makeup Line?!

New makeup hits the beauty market on basically a daily basis. There are so many products it’s hard to keep up. But how often do we see a completely brand new line come on the scene? Add to that an affordable¬†makeup line?

Enter in JOAH Beauty. JOAH is the K-Beauty inspired makeup line that is now available exclusively at CVS Pharmacy. JOAH is rooted in Korean culture, meaning their products come with a skincare first mentality (my favorite).

I, of course, had to give these products a shot. They are affordable and are supposed to be of amazing quality. The packaging is adorable, but grown up and I have some strong thoughts on the items. Let’s get into what I tried!

Truly Yours Liquid Foundation


Price: $8.99

This product comes in a beautiful, frosted glass bottle and has dropper. It is very reminiscent in texture and consistency of the Cover Fx Custom Cover Drops.

It claims to be a lightweight coverage foundation, but I definitely think the coverage is medium and buildable. It is super lightweight on the skin, almost like you aren’t wearing any makeup!

I used a flat top kabuki brush to blend it out and it was perfect. It covered any imperfections and I hardly used any product. The finish was very airbrushed and it almost dried down to like a satin-natural finish.


I really loved this product is every aspect. It held up well on my skin and looked very beautiful and natural. I will say that the color selection is pretty bad. Only 8 shades and most of which are light to medium. We need to fix that JOAH!

Also the undertones do run quite yellow, so be aware of that when selecting your shade. I am the lightest shade, Porcelain.

Truly Yours Dark Circle Concealer


Price: $7.99

Next up we have a dark circle concealer! With my dark circles, you know I can’t resist trying out a new concealer. This product also has cute packaging, similar to that of the Maybelline Age Rewind twist up concealer.

This product wasn’t as full coverage as I would have liked it to be (it claims to hide major imperfections like hyper-pigmentation), but it still covered pretty well and looked great on my under eye area.

It is very lightweight feeling just like the foundation, but the finish is supposed to be more matte and oil-controlling. I don’t think it’s matte, I would definitely go with satin or natural.

This concealer blended out so easily and hardly creased. I did bake with my Colourpop Setting powder and didn’t really see creases until the very end of the day. It also never looked dry or cakey, which is a huge plus!

Once again, the only complaint I have is the shade range. The concealer only comes in 5 shades and they all lean very light. The thing is, they lean light, not fair. Even the lightest shade was a smidgen too dark for my liking. They definitely have to expand on the light and dark ends of the spectrum.

Selfie Ready Setting Spray in Dew Me A Favor


Price: $7.99

The last product I purchased from the brand was a dewy setting spray. I am always in the market for a good setting mist, a must-have item in my routine.

You can apparently use this spray as a primer and setting mist. I only used it to set my face, but I am super curious to see what it is like as a primer.

Like all of their other products, this one follows the routine of it being very weightless. It is supposed to provide the perfect dewy glow without being too shiny or too dry. It also claims to keep your look on point for up to 16 hours.

I didn’t have it on for 16 hours, but I definitely think it helped keep the look in place. It helped all of my powders sink into my skin and give my appearance a healthy glow. It is not as glowy as like the Pixi Glow Mist, but the glow is very subtle and beautiful .

The mist was light and I didn’t end up with water droplets all over my face. I wasn’t a huge fan of the smell, but that doesn’t really bother me, the product performed well.

Final Thoughts

I really have no complaints whatsoever about the performance of these products. They looked great all day and I loved how natural they looked while still giving me the coverage I wanted.

I do of course have to reiterate that the shade range is horrible and they for sure need to work on that before they release anymore new products. We need to be inclusive to everyone here!



Because I had such a great experience with these three items, I will for sure be purchasing more products from the brand. I have heard great things about the eye items, as well as the lip products.

K Beauty is taking the world by storm with its fabulous products and JOAH Beauty is no exception!


Have you tried this brand yet? What are you thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


Featured image is sourced from JOAH Beauty.