How I Keep My Nails Strong and Healthy

Welcome back to Haley’s Beauty Room! I am currently cuddled up on the couch with dog under a million blankets, pretending that this polar vortex thing isn’t actually happening outside. As you may have seen in previous posts, this cold weather really takes a toll on my body. My nose is constantly dry and stuffed up, I will be chugging water all day, and my skin, hair, and nails look like I haven’t touched an ounce of moisture my whole life.

I’ve written plenty of posts about how to take care of your hair and skin, but I’ve never really touched on nails. Partially because I wasn’t sure if you would be interested in that topic and also because it’s just something that I really struggle with myself.

To give you some background information, my nails are dry, brittle, peel easily, chip/tear easily, and have deep ridges. As I have dry skin in general, this also translates to my cuticles and I am constantly fighting to keep them moisturized and the hangnails at bay. This is even more so during the Winter.

So far I’ve developed a pretty good routine that has managed to keeps my nails and cuticles in a pretty good place, even during the cold, harsh, Midwest Winter. So if you’re interested in how I keep (or am trying to keep) my nails healthy, then keep on reading.

Drink Lots of Water

I feel like this goes without saying, but in any beauty routine, whether it’s for your skin, hair, or nails, you need to make sure you are hydrated from within before it starts to translate on the outside.


I personally drink about 10-12 cups of water a day as my body needs it, but just find out where you are comfortable with. In the medical world it’s recommended to get at least 8 cups a day.

Keep Them Cut Short

You may want to have long, beautiful nails, but the longer your nails are, the more prone they are to getting caught on something and tearing. Personally, if I don’t keep my nails cut short at all times, I notice them peeling and breaking much more.

P.S. Don’t cut them too short or bite your nails!

Pamper Your Cuticles and Hands

I am constantly applying hand cream and cuticle oil. Not only because my hands are dry and I have eczema, but also to ensure that the nail and nail bed remains hydrated. Dry nails usually mean you have a higher chance of the nail cracking or splitting.

I also recommend using a hand cream that is fragrance free. Added fragrance typically contains alcohol which will dry out the skin more. My favorite of all time will always be the Skinfix Hand Repair Cream. This product is packed with emollients and soothing botanicals and you only need the smallest amount.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 5.13.22 PM.png

i’ve also recently discovered that there is such a thing as nail masks! Yes, I have taken my love of masking to a whole, new level. HOWEVER, once you try this product, you will be feeling exactly how I am. 

If you are looking for a deep hydration treat for your nails and cuticles, you absolutely need to try the Le Mini Macaron Rose Nail Mask. The lavender and rose extracts in this mask bring a spa experience to your home. 

The mask comes with 10 self individual pads for each finger, that you just slip on for 15 minutes and can still scroll around on your phone and relax. It is not messy at all and after the 15 minutes just discard the pads and massage remaining essence into your hands.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 5.23.57 PM.png

You will be amazed at how plump, supple, and moisturized your nails and cuticles are. This is absolutely perfect for those that suffer badly with hangnails and dry cuticles. 

Hair, Skin, & Nail Supplements Are Your Best Friend

Whatever your stance is on taking supplements like this, mainly those containing biotin, from my experience, these has benefited my nails tremendously. There is only so much pampering I can do on the outside of my body, that it really pays off to start healing from the inside out.

Wellthy Women’s Multi Plus

After taking my supplements for about 30 days my nails are stronger and longer. They also don’t seem as brittle. You can pretty much pick up a supplement at any drugstore. Talk with your doctor about starting a new supplement and the dosage first!

Provide a shield for your mani

Everywhere you look your will see nail strengtheners, hardeners, etc. but do they really work? I have tried most of them and can tell you point blank they do nothing in the long term. That is, until I tried a few products from the brand Dermelect Cosmeceuticals.

Dermelect offers peptide infused products that are meant as anti-aging products for you nails. They offer a variety of items, but my favorite are hands down the ridge filler and strengthener.

The Makeover Ridge Filler fills ridges, strengthens nails, and restores nail flexibility. It also has a beautiful pinkish hue that perfect for natural looking. I usually always have two coats of this on my nail at all times!

MAKEOVER Ridge Filler - Google Chrome_2019-02-01_10-46-57.png

The Launchpad Nail Strengthener hydrates and strengthens, resists chipping and splitting, and increases nail flexibility. Both products are infused with a keratin protein peptide. 

LAUNCHPAD Nail Strengthener (Base Coat) - Google Chrome_2019-02-01_10-46-28

Final Thoughts

The repairing and strengthening process will take some time. The biggest thing I recommend is consistency. Just as you would with your daily skincare routine, check to make sure that everything is in check with your nails daily : length, protectant, moisture, etc. 

Consistent care will provide consistent results!

Featured image is sourced from Pexels.

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