The Common Skincare Mistake You Keep Making

You know I am all about skincare and my skincare routine. But recently, I found out that one of the key products in my routine, was getting applied at the wrong time. Applying it at the wrong time meant that I wasn’t getting any benefits out of the product.

My world suddenly came crashing down. Okay, maybe I’m a little bit dramatic. However, a good skincare routine makes the world of difference in your makeup game, so I take it very seriously.

Let’s take a step back and examine the steps that I was following and that I now know are incorrect.

  1. Makeup Removal
  2. Cleanser
  3. Toner
  4. Serums
  5. Oil
  6. Moisturizer/ Eye Cream

Sounds pretty legit right? WRONG. My two favorite steps are 5 & 6, solely because I have incredibly dry skin. Those are the steps that give me the hydration that I need. Come to find out, I need to switch those steps around.

Yup, you need to be doing your moisturizer BEFORE your oil(s). In my mind, oil came first as it was of a thinner consistency and I wanted to lock everything in with moisturizer as my last step. The reason as to why this is a big “no-no” comes down to the fact that oil can penetrate creams, whereas creams cannot penetrate oils.

This means that this whole time, I was basically getting no benefits from my moisturizer as it could not penetrate my skin through the oil that I had just laid down. Skincare Gods, please forgive me.

After finding this out, I immediately switched up my routine. After one night, I saw fabulous results. My skin was more plump, hydrated, and it seemed like my skin actually soaked up all of the product instead of it sitting on my face.

You’ll also see better results by patting the oil into your skin, versus just rubbing it on. I also use oil morning and night due to my dry skin, but for normal skin and all other types, you are probably good with just applying oil at night.

My Fave Products

Of course if we are going to discuss skincare, I have to give product recommendations, right?

I am currently still using my trusty products. For oil I have been going in with The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virign Marula Oil.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 10.57.28 AM.png

This oil is rich in antioxidants, promotes elasticity, and gives a ton of hydration. Can’t beat the price either!

For my moisturizer I have officially gone back to the most hydrating moisturizer on the planet. The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm. If you have dry skin, this will save you, no joke.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 10.57.48 AM.png

This balms strengthens the skin’s barrier and locks in moisture. It’s also great for very sensitive skin, as it is free of fragrance and silicone.

What products do you love to use on your skin? What order do you apply them? Let me know in the comments!



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