The $15 Tool That Transforms Your Skin

Most of the time when I mention skincare, I’m typically talking about a new product that I love or my current routine. Well today, we are mixing that up! I don’t have a product to share, but instead a skincare tool that has changed my skincare game for the better. Within a week I have seen amazing results and added this as a staple for my routine. I’m talking about a jade roller.

A Jade Roller is a skincare tool meant to massage the skin and increase product absorption. It recently became quite popular due to Instagram, but it’s actually been around since the 7th century, when the Chinese started using this in their skincare routines due to the belief that jade held healing and protective properties.

Step back to today, these little rollers pack a big punch. Typically they are dual sided, a small and larger roller. The small one is mainly used in your eye and lip area, while the large side is for the rest of your face.

Benefits & How It Works

What are the benefits to using a jade roller? These rollers allegedly boost blood circulation, reduce swelling and puffiness, and allow your skincare products to penetrate the deeper. When I use my roller, it is after I have applied my serums and oils, but immediately before my moisturizer.

These rollers are amazing for puffy under eyes and dark circles. They can even help with fine lines and wrinkles, due to the increased blood circulation.

The jade roller works by stimulating the lymphatic system, which in turn helps with inflammation. The cooling effect of the roller also helps to tighten pores and brighten the complexion. I’ve even noticed it reducing my double chin and giving me a more defined jawline!

How To Use


I start out using the small end of my roller in the under eye area. Starting one eye at a time, I go from the inner tear duct and gently roll upward towards the temple. I do this about 7 times on each eye. I then take the small edge and continue over the mouth area in an upward motion about 7-14 times.

Next comes the large roller. I first bring this from the center of my forehead down to the temple. One half of the forehead first for 7 times and then the other half 7 times. After that I go from just under the chin and roll it across the jawline and then drag it down the neck. Both sides of the jaw 7 times each.

Finally, I finish off with the cheeks. Again in an upward motion, I go from the center of the face out to the hairline. About 14-16 times on each side.

It is recommended to do the jade rolling 2-4 times a day. I do it twice a day, after my morning routine and then after my nighttime routine. You can also put this product in the freezer before use to really help with puffiness and to provide a relaxing massage.

My Personal Benefits

I’ve been using my jade roller for about 2 weeks now. During that time, I have been consistently using this twice a day after my serums and oils, but before my moisturizer.

Since doing that, I have noticed my pores around my t-zone have visibly decreased, my dark circles actually look a little better, and my skin overall looks more tightened. Plus, my skincare products really seem to be performing their best as they can penetrate deeper.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 7.15.41 PM.png
Daily Concepts Jade Roller

There are a ton of different brands that make jade rollers, but I love my $15 one from Daily Concepts. Some reviews say the rollers locked up or had issues, but mine has been perfect. I wipe it down after every use and keep it in it original box so it doesn’t break.

I am obsessed with this product and I highly recommend a jade roller to anyone looking to up their skincare game and see amazing results in a short amount of time!

Have you tried a jade roller before? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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