How To Get Past That Annoying Weight Loss Plateau

You’ve been working hard for months. Tracking almost everything you consume, hit the gym on a regular basis, and are super focused on your fitness goals. One problem, you have stopped losing weight like you previously were. Uh oh, the dreaded weight loss plateau has hit!

I am currently experiencing this and I think it’s important to note that the majority of people on a fitness journey will hit this at some point as well. Unfortunately, a fitness journey isn’t all sunshine and rainbows (even though we’d like it to be).

Since this is such a common occurrence, I want to share my top tips on how you can get past the annoying weight loss plateau. These are things that I have implemented in my daily life and I am already starting to see results again! So, if you’re interested in my tips, keep on reading.

Increase Your Exercise Intensity or Frequency

I go to the gym 5 days a week, so I personally do not want to increase the frequency of my exercise. Your body needs time to recover, girlfriend! That being said, if you are like me and go all of the time, instead of increasing the frequency, rather increase the intensity. Try pushing yourself harder during strength training or cardio.

Don’t Rely On The Scale Alone

This is the biggest thing I have learned during my fitness journey. Is the scale not budging but all of your clothes are fitting much better and you just feel better all around? Try busting out the tape measure and take your body measurements and compare month to month. Guarantee you’ll see the results there!

Also try doing a body fat percentage test.

Cut Your Caloric Intake

You track everything you eat and are constantly hitting your calorie goal, but what if that goal is too high now? You have lost some weight so your metabolism slows, you need to cut your intake slightly for your new body.

Don’t cut it a ton, I cut mine by about 100 calories, but it makes a huge difference.

Eat Quality Foods

Sure you’re hitting your daily caloric intake goal, but are you hitting it by eating junk? Opt for fruits, veggies, lean meats, and healthy fats. Quality food is anything that is not processed!

Eat More Protein

Cut back on the carbs and instead opt for lean protein. Studies and dietitians recommend a portion of protein with almost every meal and snack.

Lift Heavier

As with increases in the intensity of your exercise, maybe you’re not seeing results because you’re still lifting the same amount of weight you were three months ago. Time to push yourself to build lean, strong, muscles! Those muscles will take the place of fat someday!

Reduce Long Stretches of Sitting

Although you may be getting in your exercise and eating right, sitting for long periods doesn’t help your cause. I have a desk job, so I am sitting for extended periods of time. Lately I force myself to get up and walk around the office every now and again. It sounds like a small thing, but it makes a world of difference!

Those are my top tips to beating a weight loss plateau? What do you do to get past this? Any tips for me? Let me know in the comments!

Featured image is sourced from Men’s Health.


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