My Top 5 Fitness & Health Goals

Welcome back to Haley’s Beauty Room! As you may have read or seen on any of my social media pages, I have been on a fitness journey for the past few months. I have been super serious about getting into shape and changing my life for the better.

I currently see a Personal Trainer once a week, workout 5 days a week, and track basically everything I eat. That being said, I wanted to share my goals with all of you. I hope that they will inspire you on your fitness journey and help keep me on track now that they are out there!

Goal #1: Lower my body fat percentage

As important as losing weight is to me, I am much more focused on lowering my body fat percentage. Two people who are the same weight can look drastically different based solely on their body fat percentage.

Muscles don’t actually weigh more than fat, but they are more dense and thus take up less space within your body. So, I am aiming to lose fat, but gain muscle in return. I want to be leaner and stronger!

Goal #2: Keep fitness part of my routine

It’s easy to start a routine for a few months, reach your goals, and then go back to your old lifestyle. I want fitness to stay a part of my routine for the rest of my life. Sweating it out is so good for you.

I want fitness to have a permanent place in my routine from here on out!

Goal #3: Finally have abs that show!

Since I want to lower my body fat percentage and get stronger, that means I want my abs to show and be defined! I’m not saying I want to be super ripped and have a very defined six pack, but just some decent definition and I would be more than happy.

Goal #4: Eat more plant-based foods

Getting more green and plant-based foods in my diet has been a goal that I have slowly been achieving. I use plant-based protein and get a good share of fruits and veggies in my diet, but I know I can still amp that up even more.

I want to cut out artificial foods and junk and just eat much more clean altogether!

Goal #5: Remember the importance of rest days

If you read my post on my current workout routine, you know that max I only workout about 5 days a week. Sometimes that is too much for my body and I need to remember that it’s okay to take days off.

Listen to your body and how you’re feeling. You aren’t doing yourself any good if you continue to workout when you are super sore and can’t push yourself very hard.


Those are my main goals regarding health and fitness. Yes, I have many more mini goals, but I just wanted to share the big ones with you!

What are your fitness and/or health goals? Let me know in the comments!

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