Transitioning From Winter To Spring Fashion

We have almost finally made it into Spring! Well technically, we are in Spring, but it certainly does not feel like it. Here in the Midwest we are only getting highs of 45. That being said, it is Spring, and it is time to start putting away that winter coat and opting for Spring forward fashion.

Since the weather is always so unpredictable during this time, it’s important to be prepared. I’ve compiled a list of the top fashion tips to help you Spring forward, whilst also being prepared!

Slowly bring back bright colors

Although I’m sure you’re tired of the dark colors from Fall and Winter, you don’t want to automatically jump out in your brights. Slowly start adding some color back to your wardrobe. Whether this be in your tops, bottoms, or accessories, work them in slowly.

Dress in layers

Source: InStyle

This is probably a life rule in the Midwest, but we never know what kind of weather we will get in the spring. In the Midwest, we could get all four seasons in one day. That being said, you have to be prepared for any type of weather.

Layers to keep you warm or that can be taken off when it get’s hot.

Colorful shoes, but not flip flops

If you’re slowly bringing back bright colors, try bringing it back through your shoes! Now is the perfect time to bust out those green flats or colorful prints!

Pumps Orange WOMEN H&M US - Google Chrome_2018-03-22_12-34-47
H&M Orange Pumps – $34.99

However, avoid bringing out the flip flops just yet. It’s spring, not summer. Wait a couple more months for that!

Black leggings still work!

I am a firm believer in leggings. Leggings save lives. Seriously, they are so comfy and you can make them work with almost anything. A lot of people think you should only bring out the leggings during the Fall and Winter. I disagree.

Leggings are perfect for the spring to layer under long tunics! They will help keep you warm but show off your cute top. Pair it with your colorful shoes and you’ll be extra Spring-y!

Bright spring jacket

Soia & Kyo Trench Coat – $325

Put away that heavy Winter jacket and opt for a brighter trench coat. Keeps you warm during the gusts of wind, but is light enough for the Spring weather.

Swap out dark wash jeans for lighter ones

Wedgie Fit Jeans - Light Wash Levi's® US - Google Chrome_2018-03-22_13-52-28
Levi’s – $69.98

Lighter wash jeans, or even colored or white jeans, are perfect to wear out in the Spring. They lighten up any outfit and give off major “I’m ready for Summer” vibes.

Colorful bags

Selma Medium Saffiano Leather Satchel Michael Kors - Google Chrome_2018-03-22_12-46-59
Michael Kors – $223.50

Colorful accessories are key during this time! I always break out my bright handbags during the Spring. It really helps to complete an outfit and put some pep in my step!

Ankle boots

302519975_233 - Paint_2018-03-22_12-49-46
Charlotte Russe – $20

You can still get away with riding boots for just a bit longer, but instead maybe try some ankle boots. These add chic to a Spring outfit and go perfectly with your black leggings or light wash jeans.

Colorful scarves

Scarves & Kimonos For Women Anthropologie - Google Chrome_2018-03-22_13-56-26
Anthropologie – $58

Throw some colorful scarves in the mix as well! Give some floral prints a try for an extra Spring vibe that will brighten up your day!


What do you do to transition from Winter to Spring? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. My transition includes reading a book on the deck and enjoying the sun…even if I have to do so under a blanket. 😀

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