Product Empties: What Will I Repurchase?

Welcome back to Haley’s Beauty Room! I have received a lot of requests to do more product empties posts, so here we are! Since it takes quite awhile for me to go through products, and I want to have a nice list for you guys, that explains why these posts are few and far between.

Nevertheless, I will be going through all of the products that I have used and let you know my thoughts and whether or not I will be repurchasing them! Let’s just go ahead and get right into this.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 - 30ml - Google Chrome_2018-03-08_13-09-47

You guys know I am obsessed with The Ordinary. Quality skincare products for a great price. Not too long ago I did another Ordinary haul, and I purchased the Matrixyl + Hyaluronic Acid, which was basically to replace this item.

I did like it and I feel like it did what it was supposed to do, I just wasn’t wowed by it.

The Ordinary Buffet

The Ordinary “Buffet” - 30ml - Google Chrome_2018-03-08_13-11-00

It’s the same story with this one. I did like it, but I’m not sure how much anti-aging benefits it provided. I still have some fine lines. The Matrixyl was also meant to replace this product.

Maybe I will go back to this, maybe not. It is one of The Ordinary’s more expensive items, which is a downside. I may just keep trying out new products.

The Ordinary Marula Oil

The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil - 30ml - Google Chrome_2018-03-08_13-10-20

This product is one of my favorites from The Ordinary. It deeply hydrates the skin, smooths, and I also feel like it has some brightening benefits. This is my favorite nighttime oil that just locks in all of my other products.

In case you haven’t already guessed, I did repurchase this item in my last Orindary haul!

Skinfix Hand Relief Cream


Another absolute favorite of mine. This is the best hand cream for people who suffer with extremely dry skin or even sensitive skin. I tend to get horrible eczema on my hands during the Winter and this is the only product that has made it basically nonexistent this season.

When I went to repurchase this product, I couldn’t find it (I think they discontinued it) so instead I purchased the Skinfix Ultra Rich Hand Cream. I do like this product, just not as much as the Hand Relief version. Maybe I will try their specific eczema formula next and let you guys know my thoughts!

Hask Unwined Cabernet Sauvignon Deep Conditioner

UnWined Caberernet Sauvignon Deep Conditioner Ulta Beauty - Google Chrome_2018-03-08_13-14-52

So many awesome products right in a row. I did an entire blog post on this line and I still love it. I have about three backup packets in my bathroom drawer currently.

Read my recent post to find out more!

Lush Scrubee

Scrubee Body Butters Lush Cosmetics - Google Chrome_2018-03-08_13-17-34

Need exfoliation and hydration in one? The Lush Scrubee has you covered. This exfoliating bar will get your skin super smooth but leave a layer of Shea butter to keep you hydrated even after you leave the shower. Perfect for those who are always in rush and don’t want a second step of putting on lotion.

This one I also have two backups sitting in my drawer currently!

Gold Bond Radiance Renewal Cream 

Gold Bond Radiance Renewal - 14oz Target - Google Chrome_2018-03-08_13-17-16

This creamy oil formula I actually received in an Influenster VoxBox. I think this product did exactly what it claimed to do. Hydrate, smooth, and give your skin a glow. I love the formula and texture of this cream.

It soaks in to the skin fast, but gives all day hydration. This may be a huge claim, but I also felt like it reduced the appearance of some of my stretch marks!

I have not repurchased this item, just because I wanted to try out the Pacifica Body Butter, but this item is great and I will definitely buy again!

Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream

Glycolic Eye Cream Ulta Beauty - Google Chrome_2018-03-08_13-15-47

This item is on my list, not because I used it up, but because I barely touched it and it is totally expired. Like probably over a year expired. I felt like this eye cream was heavy and clogged the pores around my eyes, causing milia.

It claims to help with fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration, but I saw absolutely no results. You also need the tiniest amount because it is incredibly heavy and thick.

I will not be repurchasing and I’m actually mad at myself that I didn’t return it!

Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Oil

Arctic Face Oil Ulta Beauty - Google Chrome_2018-03-08_13-16-26

My favorite day time oil is this gem from Skyn Iceland. This facial oil contains Vitamin E, Camelina Oil, and Sunflower Oil for an anti-aging cocktail. This product just keeps the skin incredibly hydrated and glowy.

It also smooths out any texture and deeply nourishes. I love this product and definitely want to repurchase, it’s just kind of expensive. Maybe I will save up my Ulta points and buy?!

All images are sourced from brand websites. Featured image is sourced from Pexels.

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