The Best Fake Tan Ever?!

Welcome back to Haley’s Beauty Room! Since it is March and Spring is right around the corner, I decided that it was time for me to start amping up the body glow. I have used basically every decent self tanner on the market, so of course I have opinions on which ones are great and which ones are meh.

Out of all of the self tanners that I have tried, I never got around to giving Loving Tan a shot. I think that’s super strange, as it is probably the most raved about self tanner on the market. I think the reason why I never tried it was because, up until a week ago, you could only order it online.

The product is already expensive, plus mixed with shipping fees and having to wait on it meant it wasn’t worth the effort to me. BUT, Loving Tan is now sold at Ulta Beauty! So it is much easier to purchase and you get points for your purchase! Obviously, I bought it right away and I am here to share my thoughts.

So, if you want to read my first impressions on one of the most raved about self tanners on the market, then keep on reading!


This product claims to provides a sexy, natural looking tan within minutes of application. It is a salon inspired formula that provides immediate color that will develop into a deeper tan.

It claims to have a color guide for streak-free application. It is also supposed to be quick drying and have a delicious fragrance, not like a typical self tanner smell. I purchased the shade Ultra Dark, as I wanted a deep tan right away. Loving Tan only recommends this shade for experienced self tanners.

Price & Where To Buy

This item retails for $39.95 and you get 4 oz. of product. If I compare a similar item from St. Tropez, 4 oz. from St. Tropez is only $32.

As I originally stated, I purchased this product at Ulta Beauty in store. I would check online to make sure it is already in your store. If not, you can purchase it off of Ulta’s website. You can also just go the traditional route and buy directly from Loving Tan here.


The packaging is really cute on this self tanner. It has a traditional self tanner mousse bottle. I like the metallic baby pink label, but there is nothing super different about this product in terms of packaging.


Most mousse self tanners recommend that you apply them with a self tanning mitt. There are a bunch of different varieties so it really doesn’t matter which one you go with. You can pick up a Loving Tan mitt if you wish it to go with your product.

This may sound weird, but I actually apply my self tanner with latex gloves. Like the ones you buy in the first aid aisle. They are so much easier to use than a mitt and I still get the exact same effect that I would with a mitt. Plus, you can dispose of them after the application instead of using a dirty mitt each time you apply the fake tan.

If you are new to self tanning, go for the mitt. If you are more experienced definitely save some money by going the glove route!

The application of this product was super easy. It was easy to blend out and it didn’t dry down too fast. Some mousse self tanners dry down so fast that you get patches of extra product and streaks. This one was the perfect in between of workable, yet dried down quickly.

The guide color is awesome and does give you a bronzed look. I could actually go out in public after putting this on. Some self tanners make me look like a burnt chicken nugget, so I just hibernate until I rinse it off. This one actually looked good!

The smell on this is also wayyyy better than other self tanners. You actually smell good and decent enough to go out in public. It still does have that faint self tanner smell, but nowhere near as bad as all of the others on the market.

Like I said, it dries down in a decent amount of time, so you can get dressed after 60 seconds of applying. It doesn’t transfer to clothing or wipe off easily. Just make sure not to get it wet before the 6 hours is up!


After six hours, I washed off the guide color and was left with a perfect bronzed tan. It didn’t get as dark as I initially wanted/expected, however, I will say that it could be because of these two reasons. One, I am super pale, like the lightest color foundation in everything, so I am sure another application will get me to where I want to be. Second, I was kind of light-handed with the product as I wasn’t sure how dark it would actually get, so I wanted to be careful.

Other than that I am super happy with the results. I am a few shades darker than normal and the color is bronzed, not orange. It looks really natural and my skin feels super soft! I also put it on my face and did not have any breakouts or weird reactions.

I also did not have any streaks or patchiness upon rinsing it off. The tan is very even and beautiful.

Final Thoughts

I love this self tanner. I think it definitely performs as promised and I will totally keep using it. So far, I do think it is in the top three out of all self tanners. I love the guide color and that the smell is much more pleasant than other self tanners.

The color is even and natural looking. It has not transferred to any of my colthes or bedspread, which is great. Some self tanners are really bad about that. Best part about this product, it continues to develop a little bit more even after you rinse it off. When I woke up the next day my tan was even more beautiful and golden.

The only thing I don’t like about this product is the price and the amount of product that you get. Other than that I 110% recommend this self tanner! It’s great and actually gives you color. Let’s just hope it lasts a long time!

Have you tried this product out? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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