Wet N’ Wild MegaCushion Foundation & Contour Review

Welcome back to Haley’s Beauty Room! So Wet N’ Wild has some great new products out. In 2017 they killed the foundation game with their Photo Focus line, now they have a brand new cushion foundation out, with matching contour and highlight cushions.

I am a huge fan of the Photo Focus foundation, so I of course immediately wanted to try this out. I am much more willing to try out a ton of drugstore foundations versus high end, not only for the price point, but if I can find you guys a holy grail at a quarter of the price, then that is my goal!

So, if you’re interested in reading my experience and thoughts on these products, then keep on reading!

MegaCushion Foundation Claims & Shades

This product is a liquid foundation in a cushion compact. It is infused with a coconut derivative and has a luminous finish. The coverage is said to be buildable and the formula is hydrating with SPF 15.

Currently, this foundation comes in 8 different shades. I really do think that is lacking. Just what I see in terms of the range there are not enough super dark or super light shades. I have the lightest shade and it actually is a bit too dark/yellow on my skin. All of these foundations tend to lean more yellow based versus pink or neutral.

MegaCushion Contour Claims & Shades

This is the same premise as the foundation. It is a liquid contour product in a cushion compact. This also has a dewy finish and hydrating properties. It can be built up depending on how intense you would like your contour.

There is only one contour shade. ONE. Wet N Wild, oh no what is you doing baby? This obviously needs to be expanded to include lighter and darker colors, however, I think this shade could currently work for a lot of skin tones, they just need to be more inclusive in general.

Prices & Where To Buy

The foundation currently retails for $8.99 and the contour cushion is priced at $5.99.

I purchased both of these products from Ulta Beauty, but you can pick these up at any drugstore that sells Wet N Wild or the Wet N Wild website.

Foundation Overall Thoughts

I actually really like this foundation. It is true to claim in that is it super lightweight and provides a good amount of coverage. I don’t think this will surpass my Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation for favorite drugstore product though.

The formula is hydrating, but not as much as I would like. I do have super dry skin, so that could be a factor. I think if you have any other skin type besides super dry, you could probably get this to work for you.

Honestly, this is the first cushion foundation that I have ever tried. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I think it is a lot cleanlier than pump foundations and I like that I can just dip my makeup sponge in the compact. This would be a dream to travel with as it is light and compact.

As for the longevity of this product, it does last a good amount of time on the skin. Of course you need to set your foundation with powder and lock it in with setting spray, but I think this is average in terms of longevity. Not super impressive and long wearing, but not bad at all.

Contour Overall Thoughts

This is the first liquid contour product I have ever used. I have always been a little weary because I have such fair skin, I never wanted it to look muddy or heavy. Honestly, I am super impressed by this product. It doesn’t apply too harshly and it can be built up to create a more intense contour.

The color was alright as well. It wasn’t too warm for my fair skin, but I would have preferred a more cool tone based contour color. This kind of doubled as a contour/bronzer color on me, which I do not mind.

I applied both this and the foundation with a damp beauty sponge. For cushion foundations that seems to be the best application method. Plus, using a damp sponge helped blend everything out a lot easier.

Would I Recommend?

Absolutely. For the price and the quality of the product, I don’t think it can be beat. However, the color selection needs to be expanded for both products. I like the formula of the foundation and contour and really love the fact that it can be built up.

I know for sure that I will continue to use each of these products.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


Featured image is sourced from Wet N Wild’s Instagram page.

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