Tarte Shape Tape vs. UD All Nighter Concealer

Welcome back to Haley’s Beauty Room! Tarte Shape Tape was a huge product of 2017. Basically everyone loved it and it was all over every beauty guru’s page. I too of course joined in with the hype and immediately purchased it.

Source: Tarte Cosmetics

Up until that point, no other concealer had provided enough coverage for me. So, when I first tried the Shape Tape, I was in love. For almost the whole year I had been using this concealer and mixing it with my other options, just to try and find the perfect combo for my skin.  (Just for an FYI, my favorite combos were the Tarte + Colourpop No Filter and the Tarte + Maybelline Fit Me).

However, with all the rage of the Shape Tape, most other concealer launches of the year were forgotten about. That is, until recently, when Urban Decay made a huge splash with their All Nighter Concealer. This concealer is said to be extremely full coverage, waterproof, and matte.

Source: Urban Decay Cosmetics

I’m a full coverage kind of girl, so you know I had to give this option a whirl! So here we are, with my thoughts on each concealer and who I think is really the best full coverage concealer of the year and perhaps of all time!


Tarte Shape Tape

This product claims to sculpt and highlight in a 2-in-1 full coverage concealer. It is a hydrating, long-wearing formula that has a radiant finish meant to brighten dark circles, cover acne and redness, and reduce the look of fine lines and pores.

Powered by Amazonian clay and conditioning mango seed and shea butters, the nutrient-rich concealer helps promote skin elasticity and illumination with a crease-free application.

This product is also cruelty free, gluten free, and vegan.

UD All Nighter

This product claims to provide flawless, matte coverage that will last all day and night. With this concealer you should be able to cover anything and have a blown out effect. The formula is waterproof and oil absorbing, to continually keep your look matte.

Meant to cover dark circles, blemishes, and claims to even cover tattoos. This formula features light-diffusing pigments to blur flaws for a soft-focus effect. In comparison to UD’s Naked Skin concealer, this product contains 73% more pigment.

This product is cruelty free.

Prices and Shades

Shape Tape

This option retails for $27. In each tube, you will get 0.33 oz. of product, which is a decent amount.

Tarte currently offers this product in 14 different shades:

  • Fair (very fair skin)
  • Fair Neutral (fair skin w/yellow and pink undertones)
  • Fair Beige (fair skin with pink undertones)
  • Light (light skin w/pink undertones)
  • Light Sand (light skin w/yellow undertones)
  • Light Neutral (light skin w/yellow and pink undertones)
  • Light Medium Honey (light-medium skin w/peach undertones)
  • Light-Medium (light to medium skin with pink undertones)
  • Medium (medium skin with peach undertones)
  • Tan (tan skin with peach undertones)
  • Tan Sand (tan skin w/yellow undertones)
  • Deep (deep skin w/peach undertones)
  • Rich (ultra deep skin w/ warm undertones)
  • Mahogany (ultra deep skin w/cool undertones)

All Nighter

This option retails for $29. In each tube, you will get 0.12 oz. of product. That is a quite a large difference between this and the Shape Tape.

UD currently offers this product in 14 different shades:

  • Fair Warm
  • Fair Neutral
  • Light Warm
  • Light Neutral
  • Medium Light Warm
  • Medium Light Neutral
  • Medium Neutral
  • Medium Dark Warm
  • Medium Dark Neutral
  • Dark Neutral
  • Dark Golden
  • Dark Warm
  • Deep Neutral
  • Extra Deep Neutral


As far as packaging goes, there isn’t a whole lot to discuss here. The packaging and design is consistent with what each brands offers. The Shape Tape follows the packaging of its Double Duty line, while UD’s follows that of its All Nighter Foundation. Other than that they are pretty standard for concealer packaging.

In terms of the size and price, obviously there is a decent difference here. The UD option is more expensive and you get less product. For $29 you are only getting 0.12 oz. of product, while with Tarte you are getting 0.33 oz. for $27. To the average consumer that may seem like UD is trying to rip you off, but in their defense, I think it is due to the fact that you need such little of product to get the job done.

I definitely use a ton of Shape Tape to achieve my desired coverage level. It is almost triple the amount of product that I would use of the All Nighter. Taking that in to account, the price and size difference makes sense to me and I really feel like they equal out in that playing field.

The color selection is similar in each product, as they each contain 14 shades. However, I actually think UD offers a better range for medium to dark skin tones. Tarte has a lot of different levels for lighter skin tones, but not so much for deeper skin.

That being said, I think for lighter skin tones you have more options to get your desired color from the Shape Tape.


So now the moment we have all been waiting for. Which product actually performs better? To preface this section, I want to say that I have dry to very dry skin and I have issues with a lot of concealers creasing in my undereye area.

The Shape Tape is definitely the more hydrating and radiant option, which it claims to be. UD is supposed to be matte and oil absorbing. If you have dry skin like me, before using the UD, definitely use a heavy duty eye cream. If I do not hydrate well enough, the UD can look crepey and dry. If you have oilier skin, this may be the better option for you then.

In terms of coverage, I firmly believe that the UD covers way more than the Shape Tape. No matter how much Shape Tape I put on, it just will not totally cover my hereditary dark circles. Like I also said, I need to use way more product when it comes to the Shape Tape, which puts me at risk of it looking cakey and unflattering, no matter how much I blend it out. UD wins the coverage battle.

Creasing. When it comes to this step, I think that it is really going to depend on how you blend these products out and how you set them. I always blend my concealers out with a brush, to maximize the coverage, and then I bake the undereye area with a translucent powder.

Using the exact same technique for each product, I think that the UD wins this battle. Shape Tape will using start creasing on me within a few hours, whereas I can get through most of my day without the UD creasing. However, baking the UD since it is matte, can look very drying on those with dry skin, so be careful.

I also feel that the Shape Tape’s coverage fades more throughout the day versus the UD. The UD coverage holds up well and keeps me looking alive. So for the battle of longevitiy, I am going to have to go with UD as the winner.

Source: Tarte Cosmetics

As far as highlighting or contouring the rest of the face, I would say that the Shape Tape is better. The All Nighter may be too heavy for this step and isn’t really meant to contour. The Shape Tape also blends in more seamlessly on top of foundations, for a better look.

Final Thoughts

To me, I think personally the All Nighter is the winner of this battle. It covers more and lasts much longer on my skin. However, I think this is totally up to personal preference and your exact needs and skin type.

As mentioned, for me my biggest concern is covering my undereye circles, so the UD is better for that. But say you really don’t need to cover much there and instead are looking for a concealer to highlight and contour with, the Shape Tape may be your better option.

Source: Urban Decay Cosmetics

If you are really extra like me, my absolute favorite way to conceal is to mix the two together. This way I get the hydration and radiance from the Shape Tape, but the coverage and longevity from the All Nighter. Sometimes I will just do All Nighter under my eyes and highlight the rest of my face with the Shape Tape.

All in all, it really just comes down to personal preference and what my skin needs that day. Both are great products that I will continue to use, so I highly recommend that you try both to see what suits your needs best.

Have you tried these concealers? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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