Final Thoughts: Kylie Cosmetics Fall Collection

Welcome back to Haley’s Beauty Room! Kylie Cosmetics has been all the rage since it’s release about two years ago. I personally was never super in to the products and didn’t have much of a drive to purchase any.

That being said, when Kylie released her Fall collection, I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and try out some of the products. I will be discussing everything that she released, but will mainly be focusing on the items that I personally purchased.


This collection contains five new lip colors, a brand new loose powder highlighter in addition to bringing back the three highlighters from the Vacation Collection, and an eyeshadow palette.

I picked up the lip kit in the color Autumn, as well as the loose powder highlight in Santorini. After seeing rave reviews on Santorini, I have been checking every day to see when this would be back in stock!

Well, after being glued to my computer for the Fall collection launch, I finally got it along with the beautiful Autumn lip kit. As mentioned, there were five new lip colors,

  • Autmun- terracotta rose
  • Wicked- deepened violet
  • Hazel- warm nude
  • Butternut- warm butterscotch
  • Libra- muted pink nude

A brand new highlighter, and three returning colors,

  • Wisteria- shimmering soft lavender
  • Santorini- shimmering silver champagne
  • Tahiti- shimmering light rose gold
  • Fiji- shimmering soft gold

And finally, the The Purple Palette Kyshadow, containing shades:

  • Periwinkle-satin icy pink
  • Trohpy- pearlized bronze taupe
  • Stone- matte cool tone taupe
  • Lilac- matte soft lilac
  • Amethyst- metallic purple
  • Turning Violet- matte deepened violet
  • Wine ‘N Dine- matte deepened plum
  • Purple Smoke- satin purple slate
  • Blueberry- matte cool gray


The packaging for this collection is a sleek, matte black with silver lettering. The eyeshadow palette is white with an eye design on the cover. The packaging is pretty standard, nothing too spectacular, but nothing bad either. I think this darker packaging looks really chic and sophisticated.

It helps keep the focus on the quality of the products. However, I will say that the packaging for the loose powder highlights isn’t my favorite, but I am not sure how else they would have done it. When traveling a ton of product comes through the sifter and you are left with a mountain of product when you take the cap off.


Like I mentioned, I only actually purchased two products from the collection, the Autumn lip kit and the loose powder highlighter in Santorini. However, if all of the liquid lipsticks have the same formula as Autumn, then I 100% recommend them. I have seen a lot of grief about the Kylie liquid lips being too drying. I personally like that type of liquid lip formula. A lot of other liquid lips don’t dry down on me all the way and tend to settle in my lip lines.

This product dried down very fast and was super pigmented. If I wanted to layer it, it didn’t bunch up or get patchy. It also smelled delicious, just like cotton candy. The color was also fabulous. I opted to get Autumn, as that is the color I would most often wear. I can tell you right now that this is the lip color I will be wearing all Fall and Winter. The terracotta rose is perfect for my skin tone and goes well with any eye look.

I also really loved the loose highlighter in Santorini. It is a crazy intense highlighter and you really need to have a light hand with this product. It is very blendable and layers great with other highlighters, should you wish to use it like that. It works great as an eyeshadow as well and is perfect for me as an inner corner highlight. This highlighter is going to last me forever since you need such a little amount.

Final Thoughts

Even though I only purchased two products, based on my impressions from those I would definitely recommend any product in the collection. I have seen great reviews on the eyeshadow palette. I really like that the palette is purple-based, as most Fall palettes that come out have your standard warm brown, gold, burgundy tones. It was nice of Kylie Cosmetics to go a different route and give people a palette that they may not have a ton of shades of. It is $42, which is a downside to me, but if you love purple and really want this palette then I say go for it.

The liquid lips are amazing. They smell great and dry down quickly. I would recommend using a heavy lip balm beforehand, but other than that you should be good. Also utilize the liners that come in the lip kit. Use the liner to completely fill in your lips and that will also help protect them from the dryness of the liquid lip.

The color selection is great and I think Kylie really hit the mark on offering a liquid lip color that covers every base on the season. I like that she did a dark purple and a butterscotch shade, something that you normally don’t see too often. Each of these lip kits are $29, but you get a liquid lip and a liner, which is a pretty good deal.

I think you already know that I love the highlighters as well. The shades are great and I am obsessed with Santorini. The color for the season is Wisteria, a lavender shade. As I wouldn’t normally go for something like that on a daily basis, I think it would be super awesome to use as an eyeshadow or a special highlight for Halloween. I’m really digging the whole purple theme that she went with.

I also want to mention that these highlighters are only $14. So if you aren’t a fan of the prices of other Kylie Cosmetic’s products, then this could be the product for you. Like I said, the product will last forever and it’s a great bang for your buck.

Overall I highly recommend the collection and I am totally impressed by my first Kylie Cosmetics products. I was a little nervous at first, but I think I will continue to purchase from the brand and I am excited to see what comes in their Holiday Collection!

Have you tried anything from the collection? What are your initial thoughts? Let me know in the comments!




Images are sourced from Kylie Cosmetic’s website and Instagram page.


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