How to Save Your Skin While Traveling 

Welcome back to Haley’s Beauty Room my loves! Today I wanted to discuss something that always happens to me when I’m traveling, my skin suffers. 

Whether it be from changes in humidity, to stress, or to germs, my skin always freaks out. I especially have issues with my skin becoming a desert after a long day on an airplane or in an airport. Not to mention when I get to my hotel, the water type usually has an effect as well. 

Well, in order to combat all of the bad things that can come with traveling, I have developed a small system with go to products that are guaranteed to help aid in saving your skin. So, come fly with me!


You will likely be very dehydrated after being in an airplane or airport all day. The dry air in those environments will have you feeling lethargic and your skin choking for moisture. For this step, I recommend that you always bring a water bottle with you. 

Your body will not only need that hydration, but your skin will as well. And when the flight attendants come by with the drink cart and all you want is a Diet Coke, you should say no and ask for water. 

While also in flight, you might want to try a leave on face mask. I personally am obsessed with the Glamglow Thirstymud. I have a travel size tube, perfect to throw in my purse. This mask is also great because it is basically undetectable on the skin. So if you’re worried about people giving you the stink eye for your face mask, you’ll be good with this. 

I also love this mask because you can leave it on for the rest of the day or until you get to your hotel room. This mask will deeply hydrate your skin and calm any irritation you may be experiencing. 

I also recommend making sure you have a super hydrating lip balm and hand lotion with you at all times. I love Carmex and the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream travel size.

If you have sensitive eyes, bring eye drops as well. Lubricating eye drops will provide a ton of hydration and eliminate any scratchy feeling. 

Stay Germ Free

As weird as this step may sound, to save your skin it is important to avoid germs. Airports and airplanes, even hotels, are cespools for germs. When traveling I am constantly using hand sanitizer and wiping down areas near me with disinfectant wipes. 

As crazy as it may be, this will help prevent you from getting sick and making you breakout. If you touch these dirty places and then touch your face, you are guaranteed to get a breakout. 

I recommend washing your hands often, using hand sanitizer when you can, and wiping down areas like tray tables, TV remotes, phones, and anything else that is likely to be infested. I know I sound like a total germ freak, but you will thank me later.

Minimize Stress

Traveling can be stressful. Stress can in turn affect your skin and make you break out. You can’t control every situation, but being prepared as possible will give you the peace of mind that you could control something. 

Try being very organized when traveling and have a game plan for everything. If possible, leave some time for relaxation too. 

If you are on a tight schedule, try some things here and there to give you some comfort. I love to do under eye patches. My favorites are from the brand Earth Therapeutics. 

These eye patches soothe puffiness, help ease dark circles, and give a cooling, relaxing feeling. 


If you are traveling internationally or cross country, try sleeping while on long flights. This will help with your stress levels and give you some relaxation time. 

If you’re like me and have trouble sleeping on planes, try putting on your eyes patches, turning on some soothing music with noise cancelling headphones, and just closing your eyes for a bit. 

Giving yourself that time to just sort of recharge is beneficial as well. We know plenty of sleep will help your complexion stay fresh and youthful.

What are your travel tips? Anything you would recommend that I try? Let me know in the comments! 

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