First Impressions: Hourglass Ambient Edit 3 Palette 

Welcome back to Haley’s Beauty Room! For years I have been lusting after the Hourglass Ambient Palettes. Each year they come out with a beautiful holiday palette that just increases my love for it even more.

Well, I haven’t actually gotten one of them until now. Shout out to Mama Bear for getting this for me for my birthday, you’re the real MVP. Yesterday was my first time trying this palette out, and oh my gosh, prepare yourself for this blog because you are going to be blown away.


First of all, Hourglass is esssspensive! Like honey, this palette is $80. However, the packaging and compact is such a great quality, you really see where your money is going. As this is the Holiday palette, Hourglass came out with rose gold packaging. That’s right, ROSE GOLD.

So before I even look at the powders I’m already sold because I need everything rose gold. The compact is very sturdy and is super sleek. This compact is great for traveling as you get every powder you would ever need in one compact.


This palette contains six powders with the amazing Ambient Lighting formulation. These powders are specifically designed to have photoluminescence technology, so no matter what lighting you are in, your makeup will always look perfect. This technology is meant to capture, soften, and diffuse surrounding light to give your skin a younger and lit from within appearance. Calling all future brides!

Hourglass says this about their powders “The optically transparent particles alter the appearance of the skin by manipulating and refracting favorable light. This leaves skin looking smooth, even, and enhanced—not masked. The soft-focus technology helps to minimize the look of wrinkles, imperfections, and discoloration, while emulating the appearance of young, healthy skin.” Need I go on?

The powders contained in this palette are:

  • Dim Light- blurs imperfections and highlights the complexion
  • Diffused Light- conceals redness and gives skin clarity
  • Surreal Halo- deep berry blush fused with surreal light
  • Pure Effect- bright petal pink fused with a glimmering rose
  • Luminous Bronze Light- medium tan shade fused with luminous light
  • Hypnotic Strobe Light- champagne powder fused with multidimensional pearl


These powders go on like a dream. They are so soft and silky that you’ll wonder if your brush is even picking up any product. I mixed together dim light and diffused light to set my entire face. Those two together softened any imperfections on my face and completely erased any evidence of pores.

I then contoured and bronzed with luminous bronze light. It’s early on in my relationship with this product, but so far I think this will become my favorite bronzer ever. It just melts in with the skin and gives a natural glow, while still giving you a sculpted appearance. This bronzer will be great for those of you with pale to light skin tones. I was originally worried this would be too warm, but it came out perfect and blended like a dream on my face.

After that I mixed together surreal halo and pure effect. First off, these blushes are actually very pigmented, so only one dip in each should do the trick. You may even want to tap off the excess. These gave just the right amount of color and provided the perfect rosy cheeks.

I finished with hypnotic strobe light and applied this on the high points of my face. Now, do not be fooled by the swatches of this powder. Using a brush and applying it to your face it can be very intense. It can also be very subtle and give a natural glow to the skin. Hourglass says you can intensify this a lot by using it wet. I have not done that yet and I don’t think it will be necessary for me.

All of these powders blended out so easily and really just meshed with my skin. They did not appear cakey or intensify any dryness either. They also increased the longevity of my makeup and looked great all day long.

Final Thoughts

I can 100% say that so far I LOVE this product. My skin looks amazing and so healthy. It just looks perfect and essentially flawless. I even had a friend tell me that my skin looked so good it appeared that I was going to be in a skin ad! It is so true that it gives you a lit from within glow.

This product would be great for those with mature skin who don’t want a glittery highlight or powders that will accentuate wrinkles or fine lines. I think this would do a great job and provide a youthful look.

I literally can’t even describe how good my skin looks after using this! I am so excited about these powders and also mad at myself that I didn’t try these sooner. Yes, this is very expensive. A lot of negative reviews I have seen on this are in regards to the price for the pan size. It is a stark difference and I definitely think Hourglass should improve on that front.

HOWEVER, you essentially get anything you could ever need in one palette. It is super travel friendly and will always look good on your skin .From special events to daily wear, this palette will always work. If you are in the market for some new face powders, try splurging on this and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. These powders will last forever as you need so little.

If you are looking in to trying Hourglass powders, this is definitely an economical way to try out multiple options. So, what are you waiting for?

Have you tried this palette out yet? What about other Hourglass products? let me know in the comments!




Images are sourced from Hourglass’ Instagram page. All other images are my own.

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  1. It’s so stunning! I am always nervous to buy face palettes because I’m worried a few of the colours won’t work for me. This one seems like it would be amazing for pale skin though!

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