Too Faced x Kandee Johnson Collection: Will I Purchase?

Welcome back to Haley’s Beauty Room my dears! Today I wanted to discuss the Too Faced x Kandee Johnson collab, the I Want Kandee Collection. This collection was released on September 3rd in Ulta Beauty stores and on Too Faced’s website.

This collection includes a stick highlighter, liquid liner, brightening powder, eyeshadow palette, and 4 liquid lipsticks. I recently went in to my local Ulta to try the collection out and do some swatches for all of you.

A couple of things, this collection is exclusive to Ulta Beauty and it is limited edition. So if you want some of these products, hop on the train fast! This post will mainly detail my first thoughts on the collection, as well as if I plan on purchasing any of the items.

Packaging & Display

The packaging and display of this collection was super bright and girly. It was mainly all pink with some gold accents. As you can see at the top there is a super cute picture of Kandee, with some lollipops. They really amped up the whole theme of Kandee and candy.

I loved how it was displayed in stores and it immediately caught my attention as soon as I walked in. The “Welcome to the Kandee Shop” idea was super cute and best of all, everything in this collection smells like cotton candy! Some items have stronger scents than others, but the theme is throughout all products. If you are sensitive to strong, sweet smells, that is something I would heavily consider before purchasing.

Products & Claims

Candy Glow Luminizer

Perhaps my favorite item of the entire collection is the cream highlight. It is a pinky pearl cream highlight that is super pigmented.

It claims to create a luminous candy skin effect, have a luminous glow in one swipe, and have a pearl radiance. This product retails for $30.

I Want Kandee Eyes

The next product in the collection and perhaps the staple of it all, is this eyeshadow palette. It has 15 shadows with a mix of matte, shimmer, and satin finishes.

This product claims to provide high pigment shadows that are laid out in three clusters so you can create eye looks just like Kandee. The most expensive item of the collection, this palette retails for $45.

Banana Pudding Brightening Powder

The next item in the collection is the banana pudding brightening powder.

This product claims to color correct and brighten the skin. It is also meant to lock your foundation in place and blur imperfections. It also states that it is perfect for baking under the eyes.

Finally, interesting enough, this is the only item that isn’t candy scented. It is in fact banana scented! This powder retails for $30.

I Want Kandee Matte Liquid Lipsticks

This collection also boasts 4 unique liquid lipstick colors. The colors being:

  • Tropical Punch- Matte hot pink
  • Sweet N’ Sour- Matte coral red
  • Melted Ice Cream – Matte pinky nude
  • Freshly Baked – Matte dusty rose

This product is supposed to be a lightweight, longwearing formula. It is also supposed to have an intense pigment and be candy scented. These each retail for $21.

Black Liqorice Eyeliner

The final product of this collection is the black liquid liner. It is supposed to be long-wearing, budge proof, and smudge proof.

It also has an innovative felt tip applicator that is supposed to create the perfect cat eye every time. Finally, the black pigment is supposed to be intensely dark. This retails for $18.


Candy Glow Luminizer

Sweet N’ Sour, Tropical Punch, Freshly Baked, Melted Ice Cream

Black Licorice Liner
Shimmer Shadow Swatches
I did not swatch the entire eyeshadow palette as I feel this picture provided enough of a representation of the whole palette. I did touch and mess around with the matte colors and they performed about the same. I just didn’t have the time to swatch and take pictures of every shadow since this was in store and other people wanted to look at the collection.

Final Thoughts & Will I Purchase?

Overall I think that this collection was really cute. I feel that Too Faced and Kandee did a nice job of utilizing the I Want Kandee idea and going with a candy shop presentation. It is nice that they provided you with a range of products from face to eyes to lips. That takes a lot of work to come up with that many products and get the formula how you would like it so props to them.

That being said, there are products that I may purchase while others will definitely not join my collection. To start, if I had to purchase just one item from this whole collection it would definitely be the Candy Glow Luminizer (I bet you knew that was coming haha).

Swatching that item and seeing how pigmented it was and how easily it blended really just had me sold. Plus, I can never have too many highlights, right?

Now, for the eyeshadow palette, I will not be purchasing this item. The swatches were okay and the colors were pigmented, but they seemed a bit patchy. The formula is identical to that of other Too Faced eyeshadows and personally I am not a huge fan of that. I feel like their shadows are very powdery and essentially overpriced. That all ties in with the fact that this palette is $45. $45! That is up there in price. Especially when you can get better shadows for half of that price.

Another item I will not be purchasing is the Banana Pudding Brightening Powder. I think that this was a really neat idea and the intentions were good, but the execution just wasn’t there. The yellow color is a very strange tone and seems like it would only work for a very limited range of skin tones. Definitely not on fair and not on darker tones either. For $30, this powder would have to wow me and make me look like Kandee Johnson.

As for the liquid lipsticks, I may potentially purchase two out of the four colors. Of course, if I got any it would be the more neutral colors, Melted Ice Cream and Freshly Baked. Freshly Baked is by far my favorite out of the four because this color would seriously work on anyone. Tropical Punch and Sweet N’ Sour are pretty, but I never wear colors like that and the formula seemed a little patchy when I swatched it.

The last item in the collection is the Black Liqorice Liquid Liner and I will not be purchasing that item either. The liner is extremely pigmented and black, but that is where the good qualities stop. The supposed innovative applicator is very hard to work with and does not give a precise line. It would take quite a long time to get this to make my liner exactly how I wanted it.

The liner also takes quite awhile to dry down and the finish is glossy versus matte, which I’m not a fan of. In the swatch on my hand you can see that the liner also started to bleed a little bit before it dried down, which is a big no no. There are better choices out there for liquid liners.

All in all this collection is cute, but I will not be purchasing a majority of the items. There is really nothing that totally wows me and gets me to run to the store to purchase it. I think that if you love Kandee Johnson and Too Faced, you might want to support them by picking up some products, but other than that I’d rate this collection with a B. It has some good items that I might purchase and the thought behind it was cute, but I will not be purchasing anything else.

Have you tried this collection out yet? Did you buy anything or do you plan to? Let me know in the comments!






Featured image and other professional images are from Too Faced’s Instagram and Ulta Beauty. All other images are my own.


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