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Welcome back to Haley’s Beauty Room! I ran a poll on my Twitter and Facebook page, in which I asked you all which post you’d love to read about next. The Colourpop Makeup Brushes won by a long shot.

About two months ago, Colourpop dropped the bomb on us and released a whole line of brushes, among other new items. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that I’m obsessed with the No Filter Concealer. When I placed my order for that,  I also picked up most of their eye brushes.

I purchased 5 brushes out of the 12 that they offer. I bought the pencil brush, tapered blending brush, blending brush, small shader brush, and the small fluff brush.

Long story short, I use these brushes almost on a daily basis. Before I get ahead of myself, let’s break it down.


In my opinion, I totally think that these are affordable brushes. In comparison to brands like Sigma, I feel like you’re getting a steal.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 5.21.24 PM.png

I purchased these brushes for about $6 a piece, with the exception of the small fluff brush, which was $7. You can purchase the entire brush collection in a bundle for $78. When the prices were released I saw that there was a lot of negativity for the price of the brush bundle. I personally didn’t purchase it because I didn’t need all of those brushes, I only really needed new eye ones.

That being said, I definitely feel like $78 is a fair price for the bundle. You are getting 12 brushes, enough to do your entire face of makeup. Plus, when you compare that many brushes in a bundle to other brands, you are saving a lot of money. Also, right now Colourpop has this bundle on sale for $50! You can buy it here.


I love the packaging on these. You get a white handle with silver lettering saying Colourpop on the side. I previously only owned black handled brushes in my collection up until this point, so it was a nice change.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 5.21.49 PM.png

The only thing I wish they had was either the name or the number of the brush on the handle. This would make it easier when they release more options so consumers can tell the differences and people like me can easily recommend them to you!


I definitely feel like these are good quality brushes. They have synthetic hair that will hold up after multiple washes. The hairs do not break off or fall on your face after use.

The handles are sturdy and will not weather too much over time. All in all I really feel like this quality competes with Sigma Brushes, at half of the price.


These brushes do perform very well. They give your makeup great pigment while still also blending beautifully. As most of my choices are used on the eyes, I can easily create any look with these four brushes. The give me seamless applications, even with products that aren’t as easy to work with.

  • Pencil- blends eyeliners or eyeshadows on the lower lash line

  • Tapered Blending-perfectly fits in the crease to blend eyeshadow

  • Blending- for eyeshadows or concealers

  • Small Shader- flat tip for precise cream or powder application

  • Small Fluff- perfect for highlight, contouring, or setting the undereye area

The small fluff brush has become my favorite brush to apply highlighter with, as I can get a precise application with intense pigment, while still giving it a blended appearance. It really helps to build up the pigment on highlighters that I want to be poppin’.

Final Thoughts

From what I have tried from the collection, I would definitely recommend these brushes to anyone. I myself would like to buy more from the collection, maybe one day completing the set. I think the packaging is beautiful and the quality is of a makeup brush that will last you quite a long time.

These brushes perform well and give the color payoff that you need, while also giving a seamless appearance. They are quite affordable as well, especially in comparison to high end brands. The next time I need new brushes I will most likely go here first, rather than spending a fortune on a brush that is of equal quality.

Have you tried these brushes out? If you have or haven’t, let me know your thoughts in the comments!





Featured image and other brush set images are sourced from Coloupop’s Instagram page.  All other images are my own.

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  1. I purchased the small fluff brush too and I really like it. I think it works really well with Colourpop’s Super Shock Highlighters. That’s what I’ve been using this brush for mainly and I’m loving it! I’ve been super curious about the other brushes though so I’m glad I saw your post. Super helpful 🙂

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