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Welcome back to Haley’s Beauty Room! Today I wanted to share my first fashion post with you. And of course, it’s Fall fashion. I recently picked up a couple of items from Marshall’s that are from Kenneth Cole’s Reaction line. After seeing how posh and Fall they were, I was so inspired to create a Fall look with a few pieces that I already owned. This made a fabulous outfit that I knew I needed to share with you all.

If you are like me and Fall is your favorite time of year for fashion and beauty, then this post will be right up your alley. This outfit combines the oversized, fluffy sweater look with a chic, glamorous finish.

So whether you’re headed to the local cider mill or going shopping in the city, this look will be sure to have all eyes on you and people constantly asking about your outfit.


For this look, I chose a darker wash pair of skinny jeans. The current pair that I am featuring is the Rockstar Mid Rise Skinny Jeans from Old Navy. These jeans are so comfy and retain their shape really well.

For this look you could rock a pair of distressed skinny jeans for a more edgy appearance, but I prefer simple and clean cut for a more chic look. I suggest rolling up the bottoms of the jeans to go just above where the top of bootie meets.


The sweater I got on sale last year at Kohl’s. It was their after Winter sale so everything was dirt cheap. This is from Vera Wang’s line and I got it on sale for no joke $6. I really love how soft and flowy this sweater is.

If you are trying to hide all of that pumpkin pie you have been eating, this sweater is the way to go! It brings back the warmth you will need for those chilly Fall days, while still also having not too casual of an appearance. To me, this sweater can definitely be dressed up or down.


So I am pretty sure that this is my favorite part of the whole outfit. Surprise, surprise I know. But anyone who knows me knows that I love sparkles. If I could be covered in glitter on a daily basis my life would be complete.

These shoes from Kenneth Cole are the perfect amount of Fall and sassy in one. The dark gray, booties with a chunky sparkle heel add just the right amount of zing to this look. They are super comfortable and cost me $40 at Marshalls. High end look for a low end price!


The jacket, also part of Kenneth Cole’s Reaction line, is sort of a peacoat look with a tie around the waist. This tie really just adds some casual back in to the look without looking too casual. You know what I’m saying?

The jacket also isn’t too heavy, so when paired with the fluffy sweater you won’t be dying of heat stroke. It also isn’t totally gray, it has about a taupe finish, so your look won’t be overly monotone.

This was the most expensive piece of the whole outfit, at $60, but jackets typically are. This jacket I can utilize for work outfits as well as out and about so I find that I will get my money’s worth for sure.


Also one of my favorite parts is the accessories! I like to have glam jewelry, with sparkle of course. I went with silver, diamond hoop earrings from the Jennifer Lopez collection at Kohl’s and paired that with a bracelet-like silver watch from Icing. Both items I purchased on sale of course!

Since we have a turtle neck sweater, I found it was best to go with more of a sassier earring rather than a necklace. It seems that it would get lost in the sweater if we just had the necklace. The watch adds a nice touch on the wrist with glam and functionality.

I also wanted to add a pair of sunnies to really amp up the outfit. I chose a black pair of aviators to go with our deeper look. I bought these from Forever 21 for about $7. I think these glasses bring back a bit of mystery and sexiness to the whole look while still being practical.

Finally, I wanted to mention this beautiful nail color that just completes the whole outfit. This is a dark, vampy red from OPI that I typically wear all season long. It is in the shade Guys & Galaxies. The red mixed with the dark gray, taupe, and black just adds a subtle pop of color.

What is your favorite fall outfit? Which of these items would be a staple in your collection? Let me know in the comments! 







Featured image is sourced from Kenneth Cole.

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