Fenty Beauty: Will I Purchase?

Happy Friday loves! It is officially the weekend! Woohoo! Today was the launch date of Rihanna’s new makeup line Fenty Beauty.

There has been a lot of talk and media around this launch, and I wanted to fill you in on whether or not I would succumb to the hype around this brand and purchase some products. I will be discussing a few of the main items and letting you know what I think!


Perhaps the most anticipated item of this line is the foundation. This foundation contains 40 different shades. All the way from white as snow to ebony. I have read that Rihanna wanted this makeup line to be as inclusive to all skin tones as possible.

I think that is totally awesome and other brands need to take note! It is also super impressive that for a line that just launched it contains that many shades. Most lines when they first launch come out with like 10 shades and then release more as time goes on.

The coverage on this is supposed to be a buildable medium to full coverage with a photo filter finish. It is supposed to smooth pores and stay matte while still looking like skin. So will I purchase this? Long answer short, possibly. A lot of foundations have recently been released and I am not overly hyped for this.

Who knows, maybe once I see some reviews and actual applications I will fall in love, but for right now I am still deciding.


The highlighters from this brand are called the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters. There are a total of six different shades. Two are single pans while the other four are split pans. They are supposed to be long wearing cream-to-powder formulas that are extremely blinding.

I have seen some reviews of the metallic gold shade Trophy Wife being applied and OMG that baby is blinding. Those with darker skin tones would be so happy with this shade and the shimmering effect it has.

The powder is supposed to have ultra fine shimmer so that the highlight doesn’t look chunky and won’t emphasize texture on the skin. So will I purchase? Yes, most likely.

I am very drawn to the color Metal Moon, a mega-fine white gold and you all know that I am a highlighter junky. I will definitely test this out in store when I get a chance and then make my final decision.


The Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer I’m assuming is supposed to pair with the foundation that was released as it is meant to stop shine and minimize pores. Honestly, I don’t have too much to say about this primer because I feel like we’ve seen it all before.

I think the only way that I will purchase this primer is if I go in store, try it out, and for some reason my face actually ends up looking like Rihanna’s. Other than that, save your money for other pieces of the collection.

Brushes and Sponge

The brand also released five different makeup brushes and a precision makeup sponge. Nothing too special with these items. I feel that makeup brands tend to release makeup brushes just so people can purchase them for the name.

I will have to feel these in store and look at them in person to get a more rounded opinion, however, right now to me they just look kind of blah. The packaging is cute but am I going to pay $32 for a highlighting brush? Most likely no.

I am thinking that you can get better brushes for half of the price. Pass for me.

Blotting Paper & Powder

Let me preface this one by saying that I think the concept of this is super cool. The blotting paper goes in a little case that almost looks like lipstick. So if you’re trying to hide your blotting paper or want to look more posh, then maybe this is for you.

Personally, I don’t need to really blot because I am so dry, but for my oily skin gals, do you really want to spend $16 on a blotting paper case and then $10 each time you need to refill it? Why do that when you can get the same effects from E.l.f. or from using portions of a toilet seat cover in cases of emergency?

Cool idea, but not for me.

As for the blotting powder, I watched a video where Rihanna stated that she uses this when she does not want to get any flashback on the red carpet. I think that’s awesome she mentioned that and it’s great for the rest of us who are worried with translucent powders giving a whitecast in photos.

This is another one that I am on the fence about. $32 for a powder that I would not use everyday just can’t seem to be justified at the moment. I will update you if I change my mind!


Finally, Fenty Beauty came out with Skinsticks for contouring and highlighting. They also have a trio that is kind of like a cream contour set. The product does look very creamy and comes in quite a few shades and looks very travel friendly.

However, if you don’t do cream contour you won’t really find a need for this product. Not to mention that each stick retails for $25 a piece and the trio is $54.

A bit pricey for just contouring. Again, I will have to read some reviews and try this out for myself in store to see if I want to purchase. I’m not saying no, I’m just saying not right now.

Final Thoughts

At this point in time it seems that I may only be purchasing a few items from Fenty right now. I do hope that the brands continues to release new products. I think it’s awesome that Rihanna has this in Sephora right away and isn’t just doing only the online thing. I think that it is really important for consumers to be able to try out products and return them if they aren’t happy.

I am also very impressed with how inclusive Rihanna made this makeup line. She catered to every skin type and genuinely cared about making everyone feel beautiful. Kudos to her for putting in the extra work for releasing her own makeup line for the fist time and going the extra mile.

The packaging of all of the products is a lighter pink with frosted containers and I think that looks super classy. I am a fan of that portion!

Right now I am on the fence about most of the products just because I really need to see them in person and test them out. I will update you with my thoughts soon!

You can purchase all of these products at your local Sephora or online.

What are your thoughts on Fenty Beauty? Are you planning on purchasing anything? Let me know in the comments!







All images are sourced from Sephora and Fenty Beauty.








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