My Top Favorite Setting & Baking Powders

If you are looking to make your makeup last all day, reduce shine, and create an airbrushed finish, then you need to make sure you are using a setting powders. Setting powders are made to lock in your look so you stay flawless all day.

I personally use my setting powders for my liquid foundations and concealers. I also think it is wise to have a setting powder that you use for your face and another that you use specifically for baking your under eye concealer. Using different kinds helps you to achieve a different finish for parts of your face that may have different needs.

If you have never heard of baking, or have never tried it, essentially what it is is packing on a loose powder with a damp sponge, to areas such as the under eye. After packing on this powder you need to leave it set for 5 to 10 minutes as that helps the powder to mesh with the liquid product to lock it in all day. The heat from your face essentially “cooks” the two together which is where the term “bake” comes from.

The following is my list of top setting powders that are used either for setting or baking your makeup.


The RCMA No Color Powder is definitely a product that YouTube made me buy. I saw so many gurus using this and the finish was always fabulous. This is a product I use specifically for baking, as it creates an airbrush finish under the eyes without looking dry or leaving flashback.

The number one thing that I love about this product is the amount of powder that you get in a bottle and the price. I purchased mine from Beautylish and it cost me $12 for 3 oz. of product. That is huge for a setting powder as most only give you 1 oz. for triple the price.

The only downside to this product is that the bottle it comes in is not very user friendly. I actually poured some of this in to an old NYX setting powder container that was empty so I can get easier use out of this. This product is such a staple and it will last you forever!


It is my personal opinion that the Dermablend Loose Setting Powder is totally overlooked when it comes to people’s favorite powders. This powder from Dermablend is one of the most finely milled powders that I have ever come across and it is one of the best.

This is also a powder that I use solely for baking. I have the color “Colorless,” but it does come in two other shades; Cool Beige and Warm Saffron if colorless isn’t your style. This product works to absorb excess oils and creams to better cover your imperfections, but it never looks dry or cakey. I have accidentally left this powder on for much longer than I needed to and it still came out perfect.

This powder is definitely on the pricier end of the spectrum, at $27 for 1 oz., but it has lasted me forever and I use it on a daily basis to bake. It even works well when mixed with my RCMA.


This powder right here is my all time favorite loose powder to set my face. It is the most beautiful setting powder that you will ever stumble upon. This is most likely the powder that I will be using to set my face with until I’m dead.

The product that I am talking about is the Lancome Absolue Radiant Smoothing Powder. This powder will completely erase any trace of pores that you have and leave you looking the most radiant that you ever will be. The powder contains soft-focus micro sparkles and Color Clarity Technology to blur pores and fine lines, while also reducing dryness.

I feel like this product adjusts to the needs of my skin. So some days if I have some acne or my pores are larger, it seems to go the extra mile to diminish the appearance of those. Or if I am dry it seems more radiant and does not cling to dry patches. It really is a miracle product. Also, this powder comes in six different shades, so you are guaranteed to find one that makes you look your absolute best.

Now on to the only downside of this product, the price tag. This product costs $58 for 0.352 oz. of powder. Now hear me out before you die of shock. I have had this powder for a year now and have hardly made a dent in to it. I also use this powder on a daily basis. As you need so little of it to create a flawless base, this will literally last you forever. I am thinking it’s going to take me another year or so to even get through it. Definitely an investment worth making that 110% has my approval.

Urban Decay

If you are not a fan of radiance in a powder or have pretty oily skin, I would definitely recommend that you check out the Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powders for a poreless, matte finish. I think out of all of the powders mentioned this is the most finely milled powder.

It is incredibly silky and weightless, so you hardly even know you have a powder on. Due to the silkiness your skin will feel so velvety and smooth, which translates to an airbrushed look. It sets your look in place all day and minimizes any shine that you may have. Urban Decay does offer this powder in three shades: Light, Medium, and Dark. The colors will not alter the look of your foundation too much so the three shades do work for most skin tones.

The price of this powder falls somewhere right in the middle of all of these choices. You will get 0.28 oz. of product for $34. Again, this powder will last you a long time, so you will get plenty of uses out of just one jar.

Have you tried any of these powders? What are your favorite to set/bake with?


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