First Impressions: Egg White Pore Hot Steam Pack

Korean skincare has taken the beauty world by storm in recent years. Today, you are likely to find Korean skincare products on shelves at any mainstream beauty store. One of my main favorite Korean skincare brands is definitely Tony Moly, as they have options to fit every skin type. The products are also super high quality for an affordable price.

Recently, when heading to Ulta, I stumbled upon Skin Food. Skin Food is also a Korean skincare brand, but their main focus is to create products that have the same nutritional value as food. As such, you will see that a lot of their products are food based. Watermelon, coconut, egg white, etc.

In my Ulta haul article you may have read that I picked up their Freshman Watermelon Mask (a review is coming soon). However, I went to Ulta again two days ago (I know, it’s an addiction) and I picked up the Freshmade Coconut Mask and the Egg White Pore Hot Steam Pack. This steam pack is supposed to help with blackheads and excess oil.

Immediately I was drawn to it for the blackheads factor, but also that cleanses and helps with dryness! You almost hardly ever see a products that helps with blackheads, excess oil, and dryness. The total claims include:

“A clay hot steam pack that contains sulfur and albumin extract that successfully remove stubborn black heads and excessive oils. It helps target 6 different skin concerns like black heads, excessive oils, dead skin, dryness, and deeply cleanses. Key ingredients include Jeju volcanic ash and Amazonian clay.”

Packaging & Price

That product comes in a blackish-brown squeeze tube. It almost looks similar to which you would find the Smashbox primers in. I actually like this for a mask versus a jar as it is more travel friendly and doesn’t seem so fragile.

One tube of this product contains 3.52 oz. of mask and costs $13.00. This mask appears to be an Ulta exclusive, but it can also be purchased on the Skin Food website.


Due to the volcanic ash and Amazonian clay, this product is of a thicker consistency. It also has some exfoliating properties to it, so your skin will be extra smooth. It is a darker brown color and feels warm when you are spreading on your skin.

For this product you are supposed to spread a thin layer over your skin, leave on for 3-5 minutes, and then rub the areas where blackheads need to be removed. My initial thoughts after removing this product was that my skin felt extremely smooth and healthy. It wasn’t like when you use the Glamglow where you skin feels sort of tight and needs hydration.

My blackheads seem to be reduced and they did come out a bit easier with my extraction tool. My biggest like about this product is how minimized my pores were! There was visibly a difference in how much they shrunk and my makeup the next day looked flawless.

A warning to those looking to use this; as this contains clay and volcanic ash, which draw impurities from your skin, this product will bring junk to the surface of your skin and some may not be completely removed while using the mask. This will result in having a pimple or two the next day as your skin is looking to purge the impurities. This may not mean that you are having a reaction to the product or it didn’t work, that’s just what happen with these sort of masks. Keep working at it to see more results!

Final Thoughts

I definitely do like this product. I feel that for the price point and results I would definitely say that those looking to solve blackheads or excess oil should look here before other expensive options.

I really liked how much smaller my pores were and the fact that blackheads did seem reduced. I will have to continue using this to see if over time I see a significant difference in my blackheads. All in all, I would say check this product out! Ultra currently has a sale with Skin Food where you can do buy 1 get 1 for 40% off.


Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments! 


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