Final Thoughts: Diorskin Forever Foundation

Happy Sunday loves! For about a month now I have been using the Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation. I picked this up as I had been hearing rave reviews on this product from a lot of beauty gurus and I was in the market for a new foundation.

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Diorskin Forever 

This foundation is quite expensive. It runs for $50.00 for only 1 oz. of product, but I suppose I should expect that being that it’s from Dior. This was purchased from Sephora and I was color matched in store.

From what I recall the color selection in store was limited compared to what you can find online. On Sephora’s website there are 24 different colors to choose from, which is quite a good selection. I will say that I wish there were more selections for darker skin tones, as the majority seem to be in the range for light to medium skin tones.


The packaging on this product is very sleek and classy. As you can see in the picture, it comes with a black cap and frosty, glass bottle. It definitely feels like it is made with high quality materials and doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest. Thankfully this product also has a pump, so no messy application!

Product & Application

I am the lightest shade in this foundation, which doesn’t surprise me. However, what does surprise me is how dark the lightest shade in this foundation actually is. For me to pull this foundation off flawlessly, I need to have just a slight tan on my skin. That doesn’t  make it seem very attainable for those who have extremely fair skin and don’t want to self-tan.

The foundation does glide on very easily and blends nicely in to the skin. Although it claims to be medium-to-full coverage, I believe it is definitely more medium. It can be built up, but I think that gets rid of the skin like appearance that this foundation gives.

It is a really beautiful foundation that creates a flawless base. It helps color correct redness and erase pores. I feel that this is a natural finish to possibly matte. It claims to be a luminous-matte finish, which I can see. It dries down well and lasts all day. I have not had any issues with this breaking apart throughout the day or moving around.

This product applies best with a densely packed foundation brush. When used with a sponge or even a damp sponge the foundation coverage decreases. It still blends out great, just doesn’t cover the imperfections as well.

The foundation works great with others products and doesn’t create issues for blending concealers or powders over top of it. It also doesn’t move around or break apart from other products.

Final Thoughts

This is a wonderful foundation that I think should be a staple in any makeup lovers collection. It has a second skin feel with beautiful coverage that is sure to make anyone look flawless. Make sure you get color matched before purchasing this foundation. The shades run darker than normal and you could be stuck with a $50 foundation that is too dark for you. Also blend this with a brush and not a sponge for the best coverage.

I should also mention that this product does have an SPF of 35 in it. I have not experienced any flashback because of that, but if you’re looking for a foundation for an event just be weary of that quality.

All in all this is a great foundation that would work well with a lot of skin types as it lasts up to 16 hours, has a natural to matte finish, and covers well enough for those who like full coverage and also for those who want a lighter coverage.

Have you tried this foundation yet? What has been your experience? Let me know in the comments!




Feature image is sourced from Dior’s Instagram page, @diormakeup. Other image is sourced from Sephora.


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