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Having finer hair means that I need to wash it quite often because it gets greasy fast. Washing your hair every single day is not good as it strips it of natural oils. In return, your hair becomes greasier as it is overcompensating for lost oil and moisture.

Did someone order a round of dry shampoo? Dry shampoo has literally saved my hair game. Not to mention it also saves time in the morning. If you’ve never used a dry shampoo or even heard of one, essentially what they are is a powder or spray that removes excess oil from the hair and it can also volumize. It’s a great option for those who can’t wash their hair everyday or just have an oily scalp like me.

The following are my top picks for dry shampoos that are sure to keep your style rocking a day or two longer.


Would this even be a dry shampoo list without Batiste? One of the most well known in the game is Batiste. They have about 10 different scents and 3 different tinted options. The tinted options are really great if you have darker hair and usually get that white cast with other dry shampoos.

For that reason alone, my top pick from the Batiste collection is the Hint of Color Dry Shampoo in Beautiful Brunette.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 5.32.11 PM
Beautiful Brunette

The Batiste dry shampoos remove any excess oil from the hair and gives a clean, refreshed feeling to the hair. Be careful with the tinted options for darker hair as the color will transfer to your hands or clothes if you are not careful.

The price point on these is also fabulous. At Ulta you can purchase the scented ones for $7.99 and the tinted shampoos for $8.99.


Dybar is another cult favorite for dry shampoo. Their Detox Dry Shampoo is one of the best. This product absorbs impurities from the hair and also adds lift at the roots.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 5.51.37 PM.png

What’s great about the Drybar dry shampoo is that it doesn’t feel like it is drying your hair out. It removes excess oil, but just for a healthy look and feel. Also you get no white cast with this spray! As I said, that is a huge plus in my book.

When reading reviews of this, one of the main things talked about is the scent on this product being too overwhelming. I personally didn’t have that problem, but if you are sensitive to strong smells, you might want to go with one of the other options on my list.

This is also on the pricier end, being $23.00 per bottle at Sephora.

Garnier Fructis

The Volume Extend Instant Bodifier dry shampoo from Garnier is one of the most affordable and best options out there. If I had to choose one off of this list, this product would be it. After spraying this my hair is instantly refreshed and there is absolutely no residue left behind. I can’t even tell that I sprayed something on my hair.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 5.58.20 PM

The removal of excess oils is a huge bonus in this product, however, the volume that it provides is next level. After using this I look like I teased my hair right up but it looks so bouncy and touchable. If you are a first time user of dry shampoo, this is the route to go because it is so effortless. Just spray and go.

$5.99 for a bottle of this good stuff.


Finally, a less known player in the game is the TIGI Catwalk Transforming Dry Shampoo. This guy is great for volumizing and texturizing the hair while also refreshing it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 6.09.18 PM
Catwalk Transforming

The scent of this is great and there is no powdery residue. This is great for color treated hair and fine, limp hair. This gives your blowout the second day inspiration it needs. Also on the pricier side, this bottle is about $21.00 at Ulta. But, it’s Ulta so you can use your points and coupons on this! Score!

What are your favorite dry shampoos? Have you tried any products I mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

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Images are sourced from Ulta Beauty and Sephora. Featured image is sourced from Batiste’s Instagram page @batiste_us.

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