My Nighttime Skincare Routine

woman-2197947_1920Welcome back for the second half of my skincare routine! As I’m sure you saw in my morning routine, I tend to use quite a few products, but in my experience that is how I’ve gained the best results.

Makeup Removal

This. This step right here is the most important step in a skincare routine. Seriously, if I find out that you are not taking off your makeup and are just sleeping in it I will literally come slap you. DON’T DO THAT TO YOUR SKIN!

In all seriousness, leaving makeup on your skin overnight is so horrible for your skin and you are guaranteed to wake up with a few nasty breakouts. For this step I really like the Fragrance Free Neutrogena Makeup Wipes. Something about the fragrance free part really just makes me feel like I’m making a better choice for my skin as added fragrance can dry out your skin.

I also find the Garnier Micellar Water does the trick and so does the Dermalogica Precleanse. If I have gone to an event or out for the night and I am full on glam, I really like first using the Neutrogena wipes and then following up with the Dermalogica Precleanse just so I can remove every speck of makeup from my face.


This step is almost identical to my morning skincare cleanser. I will typically use the Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser. When using this cleanser at night I always pair it with my Clarisonic Mia 2. The brush head I use on that one is the Cashmere one as it is more gentle on my skin and I can use it on a daily basis.

Also added in to my cleansing routine twice a week would be exfoliating. Now you guys, don’t tell my boyfriend this part, but I always steal his Clinique For Men Face Scrub. I don’t know if this has peppermint or eucalyptus in it, but it is so refreshing and the grains are so fine you don’t feel like you are rubbing sandpaper all over.


I use my Dermalogica Toner morning and night so if you’d like more info on that head over to my morning skincare routine!

Eye Cream

This step also entails the same products from my morning skincare routine.


Here’s where the products switch up. My nighttime serums. I will still use my Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate, but I will add in the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea See The Difference Serum. This serum is also an anti-aging product that fights of environmental damage and contains a ton of antioxidants. Plus it’s on sale on the Ole Henriksen website!

I also really enjoy the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Serum. It may seem excessive that I will use this and the Clinique, but if you are super dry, this combo will seriously save your skin! The First Aid Beauty adds in hydration but also helps to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles (yes, more anti-aging haha).


I am absolutely obsessed with my nighttime oil. It pairs so perfectly with my Vitamin C serum that the combo really just makes you look flawless. I am talking about the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil. This oil will nourish your skin with rosehips and help with age defying.

Warning! This oil is seriously like a bright orange because of the pure rosehip oil, which means it may stain your pillowcase and transfer! It is a beautiful product so I don’t really consider this a drawback. 🙂


For this step I switch between two different nighttime moisturizers. My typical everyday one would be the No. 7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream. This cream is specific to dry/very dry skin. This cream provides the best hydration possible so you are less dry the next day. It also gives your skin a more radiant appearance. I will say that I find this cream works best when I am using my more heavy moisturizing products. Maybe its just a texture thing because I tend to like thicker nighttime creams and this isn’t as thick as what I normally go for. Still a great product and this brand has multiple choices for many skin types.

My second option would be the Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight Cream. This cream contains peptides and antioxidants to anti-age and help with skins natural collagen production. It is also insanely moisturizing so I’m sure you can guess why I love it! This is a pretty pricey option so if you’re looking to get in to night creams without blowing the bank I would start with the No. 7 option first.

Facial Spray

Yes, I also finish my nighttime routine with a facial spray. At night I will go with the Mario Rosewater one for hydration. Refer to my morning routine for more details on this product!

Final Tips

Okay for the last tips I have some major disclaimers. First of all I am not a doctor. I did not go to medical school. I am not trained in health and therefore am only stating my opinion. What I am about to recommend I do so because this has personally worked for me and if you are interested in such a routine please consult it with your physician first.

Something that has drastically improved the look of my skin in conjunction with a hefty product routine is that every night I take Biotin and Evening Primrose Oil. Both are said to help with hair, skin, and nails and I definitely notice a difference when I haven’t taken them in a few days. I take 1300mg of Evening Primrose Oil and 5000 mcg of Biotin. Like I said, consult your physician before taking any supplements and do your own research!

Next, make sure you are drinking plenty of water! Now I’m not talking about a few cups of water a day. I’m saying do AT LEAST the recommend 8 cups a day, and shoot for more. Again, I am not a doctor so go based on what you can handle and what your doctors says. I try to get in 12 cups a day as it helps flush out all of the crap from my system. Water is good for you and great for your skin!

Finally, based on the recommendation of one of my best friends, Michelle (hey girl!), I decided to try the Your Tea Tiny Tea Teatox. This is a detox tea designed to help with bloating and indigestion, but it also helps to clear up your skin! This detox tea helps with internal imbalances and waste that often play a huge role in how our skin appears. I originally tried the 14 day teatox and then a few weeks later completed the 28 day one. Drinking this tea in conjunction with my vitamins and skincare routine helped alleviate the horrible hormonal acne I was getting on my chin.

If you are having skin issues that just won’t improve no matter what products you are using, try this route! You can find more information here:

Well loves that concludes my skincare routine series! I hope you loved it! What are your all time fave nighttime products? What’s something you do to make your skin flawless?

Let me know in the comments below!


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